About DEG

DEG members at a river in Wales

Who we are

DEG is a social enterprise supporting community led action across northwest Wales to increase our area’s ability to cope with the rising cost of fossil fuels and improve our natural environment.

What we do

Our work provides communities with the confidence, knowledge and ambition to take ownership of their future through projects such as:

  • Reducing energy use, fuel costs and dependence on unsustainable fuels
  • Strengthening the local economy
  • Generating sustainable electricity and heat

DEG facilitates a network of community energy groups in Gwynedd, Môn and Conwy and hosts events to connect communities, share skills and experiences and coordinate the local community energy sector.

DEG provides information on what is possible, what has been achieved elsewhere in our area and best practise from community energy groups across Britain.  We can help with:

  • Identifying opportunities for your community
  • Getting people involved
  • Project planning and development
  • Accessing expertise
  • Raising finance to make projects happen

Vision and values

DEG’s work is underpinned by our vision and values:


We see North West Wales as a collection of vibrant, connected, local economies collaborating to bring home the benefits of our natural heritage.


  1. We believe that re-localising our economies will make us less vulnerable to rising energy prices and give us more power to create the world we want.
  2. We contribute to communities becoming stronger, more self-supporting and resilient by generating their own energy and using it efficiently.
  3. We see the sustainability of the natural environment, fulfilling employment opportunities and the Welsh language and culture as interlinked.
  4. We want people to feel confident that they can contribute to creating a positive vision of future and work together to achieve it.
  5. We promote a collaborative approach where individuals and communities recognise their interconnectedness and support each other through sharing skills and resources for mutual benefit.
  6. We seek to understand and work alongside communities to identify solutions which are right for them, leaving a lasting legacy of skills, knowledge and capability.

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